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EPX BODY SCAM ? Dan Putnam

EPXBody Scam? People Helping People Movement Scam? PHP Movement? 
It’s not surprising for many to claim that there is an EPXBody scam. Just looking at their promise of paying back $10 to their supplement users for every pound that they lose already sounds like a big fat http://www.GetEPXBody.com scam. But is it really a scam or a great marketing challenge of a genius marketer? Even Dr. Oz claims seem to have great interest in the EPX Body products, as a marketer, should you be interested in them too? The Supplements Causing The Clamor for http://www.GetEPXBody.com Scam
EPXBody Scam
To be successful in networking marketing, you need to be interested and get to know as much as possible about the products that the company is offering. After all, those are the products that you will be selling should you decide to join and forget about the uproar in “EPXBody scam”. For this company, they focus on the health and weight loss niche that usually means that there’s another supplement out in the market. They have four supplements under their wings, which are:
EPXBody Nutri-Thin EPXBody Burn EPXBody Cardio EPXBody Detox EPXBody Enhance
All of these products are priced at $39.95. The most popular among the four is their weight-loss product that is the EPXBody.com nutri-thin Dr. Oz is crazy about this product and even promotes it thus many who first believe that it was an EPXBody scam turned around and tried the product.
. EPXBody Scam- The Company Perspective
Dan Putnam is the man behind EPXBody as well as other companies with the largest company earning more than $200 million a year. He was able to build massive networking marketing teams in his more than 18 years of experience in the industry. Currently the EPX Body is based in Utah and if the rumors about EPXBody scam will not affect the growth of the company, they have plans to expand the business in different countries all over the world. In the meantime, “EPXBody” is already open for business in USA and Canada. They are also operational in the Philippines, a country in Asia. http://www.GetEPXBody.com ships to Europe, Asia, Mexico, Africa, Ghana and many other locations.
Why Many Still Believes That Joining is an EPXBody Scam
This is possibly because of the minimal investment involved but with a promise of good compensation plan. Many people believe that for you to earn big, you also have to invest a big amount of money for it. But with only $39.95 investment, some people conclude that is indeed an “EPXBody scam”. Because with that small investment, you will already get a business in a box since the company has no start up fees on top of getting free marketing materials. In exchange of being a member for less than $40, you are rewarded with the following compensation plan: Guaranteed Minimum Check- you are entitled to get your product for free after you have 4 people to be a member of “EPX Body”.
Fast Start Bonus- each time that you refer a new distributor or customer with a $40 purchase, you get an automatic 50% cash bonus. Monthly Commission- earn commissions with the sales that your entire team made
Guaranteed Income- a lot of intrigues were created because of this compensation plan that merited others to say that there is an EPXBody scam. This is because some people only say that you will get $1000 a month if you have sponsored five people. They forgot to mention the fact that this needs to happen within the first 30 days of your membership and out of those 5, two members should remain active for six months.
Rank Advancement Bonuses- in the form of cash Matching Bonus Retail Profits Also with that minimal amount of investment, you will also get a complete done-for-you system with EPX Body that great for marketing. With all these benefits under a low price combined with sometimes-overrated marketing techniques for the product, it’s really not a surprise why others would conclude that there is an EPXBody scam. http://www.PeopleHelpingPeopleMovement.com